We Work with scientific leaders who are responsible for the outcome of external partnerships.

 We Offer a combination of technical, analytical, and people skills to achieve efficient and effective partnerships.

We Provide valuable objectivity to diagnose issues and implement solutions through every stage of the partnership lifecycle.


The first step is to gain clarity on purpose, shared value, interests, and risks of the partnership. Once the specific business and scientific goals are clear, we ensure they are reflected in the operational aspects. A key part of the assessment is to also evaluate internal factors including available resources, capabilities, and commitment in order to establish alignment.

Design & Implementation

We work with clients to design and implement the partnership based on the assessment, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities of each collaboration. We also assist with the formal launch process, reinforcing a productive working relationship and common understanding of the goals, key deal terms, and diligence requirements.

Health Check & Optimization

We proactively monitor progress relative to goals. We check alignment with the business, operational, and relational aspects of the collaboration.  We work with both partners to identify problem areas, manage change, navigate issues as they arise, and relaunch partnerships should things get off track. We use our mediation and analytical skills to facilitate objective problem solving so the collaboration operates effectively and efficiently.


We provide a close-out assessment to review accomplishments relative to objectives, lessons learned, and determine next steps. This assessment serves to productively complete a partnership, providing valuable information for future alliances with the same or other partners.

We can assist throughout the entire process, or provide focused, tailored services at different stages.

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